The 4 best Yoga mats

Yoga mats are a must have for every fitness enthusiast. Although the name says “Yoga” mat, you can use these for every fitness exercise at home or in outdoor in the park at your favorite Spot. You can do stretching, bodyweight exercises and of course yoga on them without standing or laying on the hardContinue reading “The 4 best Yoga mats”

Air Up

Air Up is a revolutionary concept of drinking your water. For most people, normal water is too boring, so they resort to water with taste. Meanwhile there are thousands of different flavours from hundreds of suppliers. However, they all have one thing in common: they all contain a lot of sugar or sweetener.But now theContinue reading “Air Up”

Meal of the week: Protein cookies

This recept is perfect for people who want to snack some cookies but do not want to eat the sugared cookies from the super market. I have an alternative which is very easy to prepare. nuritional values:(per portion) Calories:70.4 kcal Carbs:6,4 g proteins:2,8 g fat:4g Protein cookies for 2 persons: 44g Protein Cream Hazelnut 0,4Continue reading “Meal of the week: Protein cookies”

My favourite training methods

At first we have to clarify why we should use different training methods: Our goal at every workout is to reach the supercompensation. This is the phase where our body is recovered from the Stimuli and is ready to get stressed again. To reach the phase of supercompensation, we have to set training stimuli. IfContinue reading “My favourite training methods”