The 5 best resistance bands

Resistance Bands by Delaney Van

Resistance bands are portable, lightweight and most of them cost less than a month´ s gym membership. Yet, you are able to significantly improve your weekly strength training. Over the last year I tested many different resistance bands and now I want to present you my favourite ones.

1. The FitLife Exercise Resistance Band *

It’s a set of 5 resistance bands with different strength from 10 lbs up to 110 lbs. So they are perfect for every training level from beginner, over advanced to professional athletes.

They also include handles and ankle straps so you can train arms and legs with the bands. Additionally, there is a door anchor to strap the bands to the door without damaging the bands or the door.

There is a bag and a user guide inclusive where you can see all different kinds of exercises with the band.

2. OMERIL Resistance Bands *

They contain three Loop resistance bands which are excellent for lower body training. Due to the width they are very comfortable and do not cut off the circulation in the body. The special cotton polyester is extremely durable and you will not get any skin irritations from the material. Additionally the bands have an anti-slip function, so you will not get hurt by them.

The three bands have a strength from 15 up to 50 lbs and are perfect for exercises like lunges, squats, hip raises and many more.

3. NBCDY 8-Form-Resistance Bands *

This band is specially built for lower body workouts. The resistance is fairly lightweight so they are perfect for toning but not for heavyweight bodybuilding.

The sponge grip prevent the band from slipping and improve the durability of the band.

The special 8-shaped form is specially built for the lower body and improves the workout for legs, hips and butt.

4. Gritin Resistance Bands *

It’s a set of 5 bands with different strength levels. You can get them for less than 15 € but they are still having a very good quality. They are 100% natural latex so they will not give you any skin irritations.

The set includes a bag which makes it easy to transport them and take them everywhere you want to workout.

You also get a lifetime guarantee with them. If one of them breaks, you can easily change it for a new one.

5. ActiveVikings Resistance Bands *

These resistance band are perfect for people who want to start in calisthenics or crossfit, to get support at the pullup bar and other training elements like hanging ladders and so on.

You can improve your pullups and even learn muscle ups or harder elements of freestyle trainings.

The set includes five different strength for every training level from 4 to 80 kg.

You will also get an e-book with all the different exercise methods and a good explanation how to perform them properly.

Links with a little star(*) are affiliate links witch earn me a small amount of money if you buy about them

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